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Our Work: Suppliers

BUNGALO HANDLES A LITTLE OR A LOT. Whether your team needs leadership, creative services, or project management – Bungalo fills the gap with scalable marketing services. Leave it to us. We’ve got this.

Content marketing for Rubble Tile.


Promote fashion-forward tile with inspirational photos of local installations. Attract and engage clients with fresh, informative product imagery and information. Invite prospects and clients to events and tours.


Each month Bungalo added new content – including photography of commercial installations – to the website. Stories about events, installations, and product were promoted on facebook and in the e-newsletter.


Rubble achieve top rankings for highly competitive search terms including “Minneapolis Tile Showroom” and site traffic more than tripled.

Marketing on-demand for Synergy Products.


Bungalo designed, developed, wrote, and built Synergy’s website. Staff didn’t have time to manage the project or worry about the details – so we did.


Bungalo designs and produces print ads for Synergy. We design and write the ads, source the imagery, and deliver press-ready files to publications. Easy.


Synergy doesn’t have a marketing staff. When they need marketing guidance and support – anything from consulting to artwork for merch – we’re on it.
The website gives a detailed picture of our company and the offerings that set us apart from others in our field.
Tom Raymond

CEO, Synergy Products

Marketing direction for Hedberg.


While Hedberg searched for a new manager, Bungalo stepped in to refine strategies, build a plan and budget, and keep the team on track.


We discussed marketing goals and strategies with leadership and then wrote a job description for a new marketing manager that aligned with the needs of the organization.


Working with the existing logo, we updated collateral and advertising, launched an e-newsletter, rebranded the DIY school, and built templates for digital and print communications.

Updated designs for advertising and collateral included a standardized palette and visual vocabulary.

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